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We take pride in taking care of our Clients by ensuring form data accuracy, submitting sufficient supporting documentation, and filing cases on time. Our fees are payable by installment based on case milestones. What makes us unique? In cases requiring interviews, we prepare our Clients’ interview packets to ensure that they have every document they need. In addition, we provide coaching to boost their confidence in answering potential questions that may be asked of them at the interview.

Commonly Filed Cases

Fiancée Visa

The fiancée (K1) visa allows US citizens (USC) to bring his or her fiancé(e) and their minor, unmarried children below 21 yrs. Old to the US. The US citizen petitioner and the fiancé(e) beneficiary must have met in person within the last two years to be eligible to file a K1 visa.

Spouse Visa

The spouse (CR1/1R2) visa allows US citizens (USC) or Legal Permanent Residents (green card holders) to bring his or her spouse and their minor, unmarried children below 21 yrs. old to the US.

US Citizenship or Naturalization

A legal permanent resident (LPR) or green card holder may apply for US citizenship through naturalization. Generally, a green card holder may qualify for naturalization after 3-yrs of being an LPR if based through marriage to a US citizen or 5-yrs of continuous physical presence.

Employment Based Immigrant Visas

(e.g., EB-2, EB-3)

H-1B Specialty Occupations

(e.g., Cap, Non Cap Exempt)

O-1 Extraordinary Ability Visa and National Interest Waiver


Extreme Hardship, J-1 No Objection Statement (NOS), Exceptional Hardship Waivers

Previously Denied Applications

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